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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

SDCC 2015 Exclusive Halo Mega Bloks Icons Figures Set!

How to get this item? Amazing!

SDCC 2015 Exclusive Halo Mega Bloks Icons Figures Set!
Traditionally, San Diego Comic-Con has not been the most thrilling event for Halo collectors. But that was in the past, and things are definitely looking up for Halo fans at SDCC 2015! Not only is 2015 the first full year that Mattel has had as owner of MEGA Brands, but it’s also the first year that Mattel has a special SDCC Halo Mega Bloks Exclusive set planned for release! Coming our way ...next month: it’s the Halo 5 Mega Bloks Icons Box set with the Master Chief, Spartan Locke and the Arbiter!

The second half of 2015 is gonna be a big one for Halo fans, and Mattel is kicking things off the right way at next month’s San Diego Comic-Con 2015 event with the most compelling convention exclusive Halo toys set in quite some time: the Mega Bloks Halo Icons character set!
That said, the paint jobs on the figures will be superior in this limited-edition Icons set, and all of the figures will be available first at San Diego Comic Con.

Not only will the Halo 5 Mega Bloks figures themselves in this set have superior paint apps to the their counterparts sold at mass retail, but their weapons will feature paint deco and thus look superior as well! The Mega Bloks Locke comes with a painted Battle Rifle, while the Master Chief Mega Bloks figure is sporting a multicolored Assault Rifle.

The big star of this set’s armaments, however, is definitely the Arbiter’s Energy Sword, which is crackling with electrical power! This is beyond a doubt the best-looking Covenant Energy Sword that MEGA Brands (and possibly anyone, frankly) has ever released!

And along with this set featuring the best Energy Sword toy that I can ever remember seeing, it also has the slickest Halo Mega Bloks packaging ever. The design of the foldable packaging has been inspired by Forerunner technology (what else?), and opens up to reveal a glorious window showing off the three 2″ Halo action figures included with this set. Mattel has really outdone themselves this time!

I’ll be getting the Mega Bloks Halo 5 sets this fall containing the basic versions of all three of these figures anyway, but there’s just no way I can pass up this Mega Bloks Halo Icons Character Pack with the all-around exquisite paint deco and beautiful packaging!
This SDCC Exclusive Halo Mega Bloks set will also include a buildable display stand with a Halo 5 Guardians nameplate. The MSRP for this limited edition Halo Mega Bloks Icons set will be $20 at San Diego Comic-Con (which is also the price that the set is being pre-sold for for pickup at the convention on the MattyCollector website). As of now, there’s been no word on where (or if) this set will be available for purchase elsewhere following SDCC 2015.

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