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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New LEGO Kingdoms Chest Set

Well this is a bit of shocking news over at shop @ home in North America is a brand new LEGO Kingdoms chess set. Until it start appearing online there had been no news of this whatsoever. The set contains 328 pieces and includes 32 minifigures. Even if you are not a fan of Chess it will be great for fans of LEGO Kingdoms and will be great for people wanting to  build armies with it.

New LEGO Book lanuched---LEGO® Harry Potter Characters of the Magical World [

This is the latest LEGO book by Dorling Kindersley that's just been published in the UK and will be out in the USA in a couple of weeks.

It's the same size as their Star Wars character encyclopedia (19x24cm) and follows the same format. Its 140 pages cover 'every LEGO Harry Potter minfigure and creature' so the scope is more than just minifigs although they of course form the bulk of the book. It's divided into 7 chapters, one for each movie. This makes it interesting to flick through, but if you want to compare every version of Hermione, for example, you have to hunt back and forth through the book to find them all.

Pages containing minifigs include facts about the figure in 'pull-outs' from the main photo, and a 'data file' that lists the sets that the figure came in along with any accessories included with it. If there are variants of the figure these are shown in a 'variants' box, so, for example, although there have been two Dobby's there's only one page for him: the old tan version is listed as a variant. I haven't checked if every HP figure is featured, but I'd be surprised if not.

There are pages detailing creatures and other topics interspersed throughout the book: these cover Hogwarts uniforms; owls; snakes, frogs and dragons; skeletons; assorted other creatures; double sided heads and accessories.

There is a lot of detail in the book and it makes for fascinating reading. A lot of the facts quote which set a particular figure or accessory came in, but usually just its number is given. Of course we Brickset users have an excellent reference to look these up, but an appendix listing all the sets and when they were released would have been welcome. The text was checked by my AFOL friend Alastair Disley so we can be sure that it's accurate.

As I mentioned in a previous article, the book comes with an exclusive minifig, but unfortunately it's a bit boring: Harry in Slug Club Christmas party suit, and even more unfortunately, it's made in China. However if you have every HP fig (as I do) you'll need it for your collection which I think we can now consider to be complete given the chances of LEGO making more HP sets are slim.

The timing of the release of the book is interesting in that Harry Potter LEGO is effectively 'dead', or at best 'dormant', so it's not going to encourage sales of sets, but at the same time it's good that it has been released now and not, say, a year ago, because it is complete and won't be obsolete any time soon.
Following on from my involvement in the SW character encyclopedia, DK commissioned me to provide many of the images in the book. I haven't been through and counted but I estimate something like half of them were taken by me, including most of those on the 'creatures and other topics' pages. Consequently they look excellent :-)

The book really is a must for all Harry Potter LEGO fans.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Playmobil introduces the ‘Apple Store Playset’

Playmobil introduced an Apple Store playset. The set introduces children to the magic of Apple. It includes store, figures, and 60+ accessories. You can also use your own real iPhone 4 as the screen behind Steve Jobs in the Keynote Theater. Some of the key features include:
- Amazing PLAYMOBIL™ set introduces children to the magic of Apple technology
– Interactive play teaches important social interaction skills
– Includes everything pictured: entire store with figures and over 60 accessories
– Store comes fully staffed with PLAYMOBIL™ Apple Store associates
– Ground floor of Apple store features product demo tables, software shelves and kids corner
– Top floor includes Genius Bar and Keynote Theater with mini Steve Jobs figure
– Use your own real iPhone 4 as the screen behind Steve Jobs in the Keynote Theater (downloadable simulated keynote presentation available on the PLAYMOBIL™ website)
– Purchase the optional Line Pack and stage your own Apple Device launch party!
– Entire store measures 72 cm long x 36 cm deep x 40 cm high
– Officially licensed Apple product

Thursday, May 24, 2012

New mobile Brickset apps for iOS and Android

Brick By Brick is an Apple iOS app that is optimised for iPhones but will also work on an iPad. From the description in the AppStore:

Browse and search Brickset database:
- browse by themes (sub themes or year) - search option available for sets.
Set details:
-user can add to want list and change number of owned, edit set notes, visit Brickset site and share Brickset
 url on Facebook and Twitter.
-for sets with instructions, user can download instructions and they are later available for viewing so the user doesn't have to re-download them each time.
-pdf viewer for instructions with bookmarks and printing options.
-set picture can be enlarged, and sent to email or saved in database.

myBrickset is the first Android app for Brickset. It has been developed by forum member RikTheVeggie. The Google Play description reads:
Browse the LEGO catalogue & prices offline. Sync your wanted sets with Brickset.
Browse the entire LEGO database offline, including retired sets. Includes retail price information for the UK, US and Canada - never wonder again if you're paying too much for your LEGO!
Powered by brickset.com - the friendliest and most comprehensive LEGO fan site on the Internet.
Seamlessly integrates with brickset.com to keep track of your owned & wanted sets.
Automatically updates with new releases, pictures and price information as it becomes available.
This is an excellent app that works well if you're without a data connection but if you have one available it provides a complete Brickset experience including access to the large set images and also instructions at LEGO.com.

Both of the apps are free so if you have an iPhone or Android device I encourage you to download one and give it a go

Official Announcement: 8909 Team GB LEGO Minifigures


To celebrate the London 2012 Games, the number one selling toy in the UK market* is back with an exclusive special edition line of Team GB LEGO Minifigures
With less than 71 days to go until the UK’s biggest sporting event of the century, for the first time in history LEGO has launched a special edition range of Team GB Minifigures. The collectible range will only be available in the UK to commemorate this once in a lifetime event for the nation.

The Team GB LEGO Minifigures spark the sporting imagination, so you can stage your very own Games.

There are nine exclusive Team GB LEGO Minifigures in the line-up, including:

Brawny Boxer
Punching his way to the top, this lean machine in blue is ready to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee for Team GB!

The Stealth Swimmer
Like a fish in the water, the Stealth Swimmer is ready to torpedo through the water into to pole position.

Relay Runner
Sprinting to reach the winning line, could this give Team GB a relay team victory?

Judo Fighter
Taking down her opponent’s one at a time, this mistress of martial arts knocks down anything in her way to grasp that gold medal.

Tactical Tennis Player
First on the court in his gleaming whites, this tennis ace will knock the white socks off of any competition.

Flexible Gymnast
Balance and co-ordination is the name of the game for this agile Olympic contender.

Wondrous Weightlifter
Powerlifting his personal best, the crowd looks on as this burley guy weighs up his chances of going for gold.

Horseback rider
Riding her way to the last hurdle, this athlete won’t be horsing around when it comes to winning!

Agile Archer
Complete with bow in hand, let’s hope this little fella will be on target on the day!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Lego Lord Of The Rings Game – Video Game Announced

With Lego Lord Of the Rings sets just starting to trickle out in stores, it is now confirmed there will indeed be a Lego Lord Of the Rings game, due for release on 26th October 2012.
The game will be produced by Travellers Tales and is to be available for major video gaming consoles including Wii, XBox, Playstation and their respective portable consoles.

Lego Lord Of the Rings Game

Lego has had a long and fruitful history with Travellers Tales – their games based on Lego Batman, Lego Harry Potter, Lego Star Wars and Lego Pirates Of the Caribbean have been incredibly successful financially and critically.
Kids love the Lego Video Games because they are funny and they get to play inside the Lego world, using much loved characters and sets and being able to take them beyond what can be created using Lego bricks.

Parents love the games because they are such good quality. The Travellers Tales Lego games are frustration free and violence is kept to a humorous and action-based level. More often than not parents end up playing the games alongside kids which is one of the major intentions (and successes) of the Lego Group.
The Lord of the Rings is a fairly dark tale in parts so it will be interesting to see how Lego and Travellers Tales incorporate humor into the game.
However if previous Lego Video games are anything to go by, kids and their parents will be joining the Fellowship of the Ring on their exploits to Mount Doom, and laughing all the way.

Friday, May 18, 2012

LEGO Architecture New arrival-21016 Korea Sungnyemun architecture

It’s nice to see the LEGO Architecture line doing a bit of a world tour with its most recent run of sets and the latest touches down in Seoul, South Korea with the Sungnyemun (Namdaemun). It’s interesting to see how the pagoda-style gateway was achieved at such a small scale and I have to give credit for the use of studs and other bits to at least attempt to capture the exotic textures of such a beautifully elaborate style.
BILLUND, Denmark – LEGO® Architecture, which uses the LEGO brick to interpret the designs of iconic architecture around the world, has added its first Asian landmark – the Gate of Exalted Ceremonies in Seoul, better known as the Sungnyemun.

Sungnyemun has stood in the heart of South Korean capital since 1398 as one of the most complete examples of Joseon Dynasty architecture. It is listed as the country’s foremost National Treasure.
“Sungnyemun survives as a symbolic marker of a lost place in time,” says the architect and designer of many of the LEGO models Adam Reed Tucker. In capturing the essence of Sungnyemun in LEGO bricks Adam looked at the aesthetics rather than engineering, especially the use of colours, patterns and materials that define the ‘spiritual DNA’ of a culture.

Construction of Sungnyemun started in 1396 and was completed two years later. Further alterations and renovations continued over the next 600 years. In 2008 the wooden structure was completely destroyed by fire and it is expected that the restoration – using traditional hand tools – will be complete at the end of 2012.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New LEGO Star Was Advent Calendar 2012

The official box art picture for the upcoming LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2012 has been revealed. 9 minifigures will be included in this 234 piece set including an exclusive Santa Darth Maul minifigure.

Monday, May 7, 2012

New Catagories from Playmobil---Olympics 2012

Playmobil Olympics start fully by mid-May 2012.   The 15 characters are set to play perfectly and have high collection value


Thursday, May 3, 2012

New LEGO Book-LEGO DC Comics Superheroes Dictionary

Dorling Kindersley has just updated the info section for the LEGO Batman Visual Dictionary. They now have pictures showing sample pages as well as the exclusive minifigure! There are 96 pages and will be available September 3, 2012

LEGO DC Comics Superheroes Dictionary Description
Enter the world of LEGO Batman
LEGO Batman the Visual Dictionary is the complete visual guide to all things LEGO Batman, and includes an exclusive minifigure with every copy.
This is the ultimate guide to every set and minifigure to be found in the Arkham universe, including all of your favourite goodies (and baddies), from Catwoman, The Joker and Poison Ivy, to Robin and Alfred. Take a look inside amazing locations – from the spooky Arkham Asylum to the brilliant Batcave. You can even get up close to the Batmobile and relive major events such as Mr Freeze and The Penguin’s invasion.
An illustrated timeline shows every LEGO Batman set ever produced. Fantastic comic-strip features bring the models to life, as you learn about them all from the point of view of the amazing universe of LEGO Batman. Go beyond the bricks to look at the world of the LEGO Batman computer game, merchandise and the fan community. What’s more, the corners of each page create two fun flip books for you to enjoy!
There’s no need to send out the Bat-Signal – LEGO Batman the Visual Dictionary will save the day for fans of LEGO Batman.