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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Scalextric QUICK BUILD Cops 'n' Robbers Set ---New Arrival


All New C1323 QUICK BUILD Cops 'n' Robbers Set
Build, Race and Destroy. Enjoy a high-speed car chase with these extreme drift and slide cars - but be careful, crash or collide and your car will be in pieces! Can you catch the robbers and secure the gold?

This set features two QUICK BUILD clip-together cars which are designed to break apart on impact. The cop car features a flashing roof light and siren, with the robbers’ car having a feature light as well as the stolen gold. Both cars can be customised with clip-on wheels, decal sheets and mix and match parts.

The set includes just under 4 metres of track in a figure of eight, including track edging for maximum drift.