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Monday, January 31, 2011

New LEGO Racer Set????? No No No is from Mega Blok this time

Today, the monobrowed arch enemy of Legos, Mega Bloks, announced that they licensed EA’s Need for Speed in order to make a line of toys. I, for one, don’t understand this licensing at all.
Mega Bloks has actually had good licenses before. They made a line of Halo toys that weren’t half bad. They also were the first to license Pirates of the Caribbean for their construction sets, although that license has now been given to Lego for both toys and a video game.
I’m just not sure what value they see in licensing Need for Speed. Wouldn’t they get the exact same value by licensing the cars themselves from the manufacturers? The games have had a mixed pedigree, and I just don’t see people thinking “Gee, I really didn’t want a car set, but this has Need for Speed on it, so it must be good!”

Souce from: http://blog.machinima.com/insidegaming/2010/12/01/mega-bloks-need-for-speed-toys-huh/

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