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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mega Bloks New item arrival--Jeep Off-Road Adventure - 97804

Mega Bloks New item arrival--Jeep Off-Road Adventure - 97804
Age: 5+
Pieces. 770PCs
Year Released: 2014

Prepare to pull-off spectacular driving stunts with the Jeep Off-Road Adventure set from Mega Bloks American Builders! Load the orange off-road jeep onto the large transport trailer and tow it to the mountain bridge test track using the green expedition jeep.

This intensive off-road track will test even the most skilled driver. Lower the trailer ramp and hop in the off-road jeep, a monster utility vehicle that features working independent suspension, huge rubber tires, a towing chain and massive floodlights attached to an open roll cage. Conquer the rough terrain and chew-up any dirt that gets in your way in order to keep the outdoor roadster on the track!

The Mega Bloks American Builders Jeep Off-Road Adventure set includes a buildable expedition jeep with trailer, sunroof and folding windshield, a buildable off-road jeep, a buildable articulated bridge that can be raised or lowered, 4x micro action figures and lots of accessories.

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