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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A box for the blocks---NEW

LEGO storage can be a tricky issue, which is why the innovative new BOX4BLOX has just come to the market.

This is a 10 and 1/4 inch cube, made up into a tower with different brightly-coloured layers. All of the LEGO gets scooped up and poured into the top indiscriminately after play. It then gradually sifts down through the layers, which are separated by different-sized grids and trays. These grids gradually get smaller, so that you end up with the smallest pieces of LEGO in the bottom, and other similar-sized blocks end up in their respective trays, too.

This clever device was created by entrepreneurs and parents of four (that’s a lot of LEGO) Peter and Moira Botherway, to help sort out the issue of storage for the popular construction toy. The couple is not affiliated with the LEGO GROUP of companies, which does not sponsor, authorise or endorse the product.
BOX4BLOX can hold around 1,600 LEGO pieces and is made from the same type of high-quality plastic as the LEGO blocks themselves.

Priced around £29.95, the product is available exclusively online to keep costs down.

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