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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Minimates item arrival-Hulk Through The Ages Minimates In Package -

Art Asylum has posted a pic of the upcoming Hulk: Through The Ages Minimates Box Set. The new pics give us a look at the final packaging.

Fans love the Marvel Minimates “Through the Ages” box sets because they offer a chance to collect some of the coolest alternate looks for the character featured in each set. But in Diamond Select’s next box set, Hulk Through the Ages, you can collect four of the Hulk’s coolest alternate personalities! 

From Las Vegas enforcer Joe Fixit to futuristic despot The Maestro, from the peace-seeking Barbarian Hulk to the rage-filled Composite Hulk, the four Minimates in this set represent the Hulk at his best and worst, and thanks to the Hulk’s unique psychiatric problems, each could be called a different character, and not just a costume change. (Although the Maestro does come with an interchangeable cape and helmet, while Joe Fixit has a interchangeable shirt and hair.)

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