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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mega Bloks building toys gets a Barbie makeover


Mega Bloks and Barbie give building toys a stylish makeover this Spring

The world’s No.1 fashion doll breaks ground in the building toy category with the New Mega Bloks Barbie Collection

Mega Bloks and Barbie are set to transform construction play for girls with the UK launch of Mega Bloks Barbie – the first-ever Barbie building collection designed specifically for girls.
Following a successful launch in North America on 12.12.12,  the Canadian toy company will now be rolling out the range worldwide launching  in the UK on 9th March.

Mega Bloks Barbie invites girls to build, design and decorate their own Barbie world with compatible playsets and mini-fashion figures. From a Luxury Mansion to a Fashion Boutique and even Barbie doll’s signature pink convertible car, Mega Bloks Barbie is making over one of the fastest growing toy categories, one pink block at a time.

Combining girls’ love of storytelling and customisation with construction play, the Mega Bloks Barbie line encourages girls to build and play. By capitalising on the inherent nature of imaginative Barbie role play, every design element in the Mega Bloks Barbie collection encourages girls to create, customise, design, style and accessorise over-and-over again even after they are done building.

“Mega Bloks and Barbie know how girls play. Through our collective brand heritage and expertise in product research and development, we have created a completely new Barbie play experience,” said Vic Bertrand, Chief Innovation Officer, MEGA Brands. “With a focus on creative play and customisation, the possibilities for girls are endless.”

Bringing together Mega Bloks’ 27 years of building toy expertise and Mattel's five decades of insights on what girls love with the Barbie brand, these two industry leaders have joined forces to create an entirely new offering in the fast-growing building toy category – inviting girls to “See what happens when you build ‘n style with Mega Bloks Barbie”.

“We know what girls want in Barbie’s world – to imagine, explore and discover,” said Stephanie Cota, Senior Vice President Global Marketing, Barbie, Girls and Games at Mattel. “The Mega Bloks Barbie collection invites girls to build Barbie’s world in a way that is true to the Barbie brand – fashionable and aspirational.”

The Essential “Building Blocks” for Girls
The Mega Bloks Barbie collection engages girls in the building process by giving them everything they need to build, design and decorate their very own Barbie world. By introducing construction play through Barbie, girls create an emotional connection to building, while completing a Mega Bloks Barbie playset inspires a sense of confidence and accomplishment. Research in child development has shown that children significantly benefit from playing with building blocks and toys, delivering long-term benefits well beyond the playroom.

“Combining block play with open-ended and imaginative play, children experience an extraordinary level of brain building,” said Dr. Maureen O’Brien, developmental psychologist, child play expert and product research consultant for MEGA Brands. “This combination of play patterns encourages exploration and storytelling, building context for children and a better understanding of the world around them.”

A Construction Toy “Built” for Girls
Mega Bloks Barbie lets girls literally build Barbie doll’s world – piece by piece. The full collection includes compatible Build ‘n Style playsets, such as: Luxury Mansion, Fashion Boutique, Pet Shop, Convertible, Pool Party, and so much more.

Unique to Mega Bloks, most playsets include removable “building plates” – platforms on which girls build each room – for easy building and styling play. And for the classic Barbie fashion and hair play, all Mega Bloks Barbie playsets include one or more mini-fashion figures of Barbie and her friends with interchangeable hair styles and outfits.

The Mega Bloks Barbie line will be available in store on 9th March.

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