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Monday, September 17, 2012

New Mega Bloks Power Rangers Building Sets for Year 2013


First off, we have the Dragon, Shark, and Tiger “Mechazords.” These are exactly like the Zord sets in the Samurai/Super Samurai line in that they include a Ranger mini figure and can be rebuilt in two different ways.

 Next, we have the Robo Knight Showdown set that features Robo Knight’s Lion Zord. It includes mini figures of Robo Knight and the Black Ranger, can be rebuilt into two different modes like the Mechazords, and apparently features missile-firing action.


Up next, we have the Hero Racers, replacing the Hero Packs that were common in the Samurai/Super Samurai line. Each set includes a figure and a bike with an armed sidecar. Red and Black varieties are available. (Though, Black’s listing didn’t include an image.)

Finally, we have what many would consider the main attraction of the line, the Gosei Great Megazord! Much like the Samurai and Claw Armor Megazords, it includes a Red Ranger mini figure, features quite a bit of articulation, and can be rebuilt into three different modes. However, that’s not all! It also features lights and sounds! It’s currently unknown how exactly that will work, but we’ll keep you posted as more information is revealed.

Keep in mind that these package shots aren’t final (Hence the Gosei Great Megazord’s Tiger arm and Shark leg as well as the use of the Samurai’s Megazord’s alternate builds on the box.), so anything on them is subject to change. Special thanks to DarkBlaze for discovering these listings!

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