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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

LEGO Universe update

New set news Posted by bluemoose, Oct 10 2010 4:26PM

55001: Universe Rocket
More details...
The LEGO Universe launch is now underway; those that pre-ordered the game have been able to play the 'Gold' release of the game since last Friday.
As you know, Brickset is all about sets, so the launch of a computer game isn't really our thing. However, there are at least a couple of sets released as part of the launch promotion ...
The first is set #2853944, the orange Astronaut figure 'exclusively' sent to those that pre-ordered the game. We're hearing rumours that some US LEGO stores have been giving them to customers who purchased the game in-store at the launch event on Saturday 9th October. For pre-order customers, the game box included a card with a unique code number that could be used to enable an in-game version of the Astronaut uniform as wearable equipment.
The second is set #55001, a little rocket ship similar to those used in the game to move between levels. This was availble at in-store launch events held in LEGO Brand stores on Saturday 9th October. This was intended to be given away as part of an in-store mini-build event, but we've heard that in some stores it was also given away with purchases of the game. Similar to the Astronaut figure, there was a card included in the pack that had a unique code number that can be used to enable an in-game version of the rocket.
Have you heard of any other promotional releases accompanying the release of LEGO Universe ? If so, please let us know. Thanks :-)

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