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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kubricks Items--Will arrived in our online shop soon!

Kubrick (キューブリック, Kyūburikku?) is a line of collectible block-style figures and associated products created by Japanese toy company MediCom Toy Inc. Kubrick figures are produced in three scales, designated as 100% (six centimeters high), 400% (24 centimeters high), and 1000% (60 centimeters high). The basic Kubrick figure design has a body that resembles an extremely simplified human form, somewhat similar in appearance to Playmobil or Lego figures. Produced in limited numbers and not re-released, Kubricks are highly sought-after by collectors. Kubricks are predominantly collected by adults; the packaging recommends the figures to collectors 13 years or older.

We will import this and sell this kind of bricks figgurines in our webshop soon. Please keep an eye on our shop will see the latest news about this products.

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